Paediatric dentistry
Paediatric dentistry

Our littlest patients are particularly close to our heart. We have specialised in the treatment of children and consequently know what it takes to make a child feel as comfortable as possible.

The first dental examination is recommended from the age of two years for prevention, early diagnosis, and if necessary, for the timely treatment of dental and oral diseases.

Every visit to the dentist, particularly the first, can be formative for a child. In order to prevent children from developing a fear of the dentist, we place great value on a trusting atmosphere. The great empathy and friendly manner of our paediatric dentist, Nina Arnold, provides the best conditions for a pleasant visit at the dentist. During the treatment, children can watch films and receive a small reward afterwards for their courage.


Treatments we offer

  • Prophylaxis, prevention and teeth cleaning
  • Simple check-ups (vouchers can also be redeemed)
  • Dental treatments (fillings, root canals, crowns, extractions)
  • Special anesthesia ( syringe ), especially developed for children and anxious patients
  • Dental treatments with laughing gas
  • Dental treatments under anesthesia
  • Assessment of tooth position, minor measures to ensure good tooth position
  • Dental accidents

Dr. med. dent. Nina Arnold, Pediatric Dentist

Already during her studies at the University of Zurich, it was her wish to treat children and adolescents.

With this goal in mind, she acquired the necessary knowledge after graduation through further training and practical work at the Zurich School Dental Clinic and obtained her doctorate in 2012, specializing in “Caries in School Children”.

“I am happy when the youngest patients of Grimm Dentists can benefit from my knowledge and experience. The challenge of meeting the needs of the children, the ideas of the parents and the dental requirements drives me every day to find the best solution. The well-being of the children is clearly in the foreground for me.”


Dr. med. dent. Mirjam Hellmüller, Pediatric Dentist

After completing my dental studies, I worked in a general practice in Schaffhausen and at the same time at the School Dental Clinic Winterthur. During this time I discovered the joy of caring for children and therefore switched fully to pediatric dentistry at the School Dental Clinic Zurich.

After two years at the school dental clinic, I switched back to the private practice. The opportunity to work with many specialists at Grimm Dentists is very interesting and a great benefit for my young patients. For complicated cases that cross pediatric dentistry, there is a specialist for each other specialty, which ensures a high level of care.

What I love the most about my job is working together with children and achieving a joint success in treatment. To me is very important that our patients have a good experience at the dentist.