Because of the various specialisations of our specialist dentists, we can offer all services from routine treatments and prophylactic measures all the way to complex surgical interventions under one roof.

Paediatric dentistry

Our littlest patients are particularly close to our heart. We have specialised in the treatment of children and consequently know what it takes to make a child feel as comfortable as possible.

Pain-free treatment

Up-to-date technology makes pain-free and precise local anaesthesia possible for us. Hence, surrounding regions such as lips, cheeks and nostrils are no longer affected by the anaesthesia. But we offer patients who are still afraid of treatment stress-free treatments under laughing gas sedation or even under general anaesthesia.


Our versatile experts can discuss complex cases using a multidisciplinary approach and thus offer each patient completely individualised solutions. A discussion with the patient for us is key, because for every problem, there is more than one approach and together we will find the best treatment option.

Dental hygiene and prophylaxis

There is a huge quantity of bacteria in the oral cavity. If these are allowed to dwell undisturbed for a longer period of time in the mouth, they can cause damage to the teeth, gums, or the periodontium. Avoid these risks with annual professional teeth cleanings and prevent the build-up of new plaque formations with optimum oral hygiene. Our graduate dental hygienists and prophylaxis assistants are happy to support you in this effort.

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Periodontal treatment

If the entire periodontium is inflamed by a bacterial infection, this is called periodontitis. In persons over 30, this is the main reason for tooth loss. The most recent studies even document relationships between periodontitis and general medical diseases such as e.g. heart attacks, strokes, and premature births. Through the intensive collaboration of dentist and dental hygienist, we at Grimm Dentists can ensure optimal care of patients with periodontitis.

Aesthetic dentistry

Good personal appearance is taking on ever increasing importance in today’s
society. A nice smile can decisively influence one’s appearance. We offer
bleaching, form, and colour correction with full ceramic reconstructions (veneers) and orthodontia with transparent films (Invisalign), among others.

Filling therapy and root treatments

Grimm Dentistry is in lockstep with innovation and enables you to have the best possible treatment. We use the newest technologies and best materials. We offer the entire spectrum of available filling materials, from the simple white composite filling all the way to laboratory made or computer manufactured full ceramic high-performance restorations.

Prosthetic tooth replacement

You are in the best hands with us, thanks to the knowledge of our specialist dentists for reconstructive dentistry. Today, missing teeth can be replaced with modern prosthetic reconstructions in order to restore chewing function and aesthetics. This tooth replacement can be constructed snugly on the teeth or with the help of implants or be removable. We offer a lifetime guarantee on our implants.

Surgical interventions

All surgical interventions, for example, wisdom teeth removal or implants, are performed at our facility by specialised and experienced dentists or oral surgeons. Patients who are anxious can be treated under general anaesthesia or with laughing gas sedation, if desired. We also perform complicated and complex interventions in our practice in order to care for you successfully and to your satisfaction.

Changes in mucous membrane

Changes in the oral mucous membrane often go unnoticed, many of which are
harmless and must not be treated. In some cases, however, it can also be
preliminary stages of malignant diseases. Treatment at the earliest possible time can significantly improve the prognosis. For this reason, changes in mucous membrane are given high consideration in our practice. With Dr Chantal Riva, our patients have an internationally known expert in diseases of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity to care for them.


Tax point value

The tax point value in our practice is CHF 1.20. The detailed cost estimates for specific treatments will be sent to you after the examination or consultation discussion by postal mail or email if desired.